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Workout Info


Summer practises: 29.6.-31.7.2020


17:30-19:00 Class for everyone


10.00-11.30 Jo&Ken outside practise at Pumppulahti iseland - in rain or sunshine.

Autum: 1.8.-21.12.2020


17:30-19:00 Basic technique

19:00-20:00 * Beginners' Class (16.9.-16.12.)


17:30-19:00 Basic technique / Advanced

19:00-20:00 * Beginners' Class (16.9.-16.12.)


10:00-11:00 Practise for everyone

11:00-11:30 Free tatami time / Advanced

Beginners' Class is for starting Aikido. Course is for practising for example swerves, falls and rollings, body posture, body control and body and mind exercises in safe atmosphere. There is also physical pair techniques and weapon technique included. Classes are two times a week. Beginners are also welcome to join Saturday's Practise for everyone. Beginner's course lasts for 3 months and by active training it's possible to take part in belt test after the course. New beginners are welcome to join the class at full September.

*In case there are less than three new beginners the Beginners' Class will be at same time during the Basic technique class at Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00.

Basic technique classes are for practising basics by considering different levels of every trainee. After the beginner's class trainees can join to basic technique classes that usually consist warming up, pre-exercise, pair technique, weapon techique and recover-cooling down.

Advanced trainees continues advanced technique at Wednesdays practise time and also after Saturdays first hour. Depending of interests and needs that might be for example advanced weapon technique, counter techniques and free techniques.

ATTENTION: There may be changes in schedules, for example in case of illness or if the instructors are in other Aikido event. Joining the dojo's WhatsApp group will help you to stay tuned!


  • Igarashi shihan & Oyama Shidoin @ Shinwakai 25th Anniversary LEIRI PERUTTU
    15.10.2020 - 18.10.2020  

    Zelenograd, Moskova, Venäjä

    Joon is going here, but normal practise continues at the Karjaa's Dojo.

  • Aikidoliitto 50v -juhlaleiri
    23.10.2020 - 25.10.2020  

    Helsinki, Suomi

    Dojo-cho Ueshiba Mitsuteru wakasensein tulo leirin ohjaajaksi on peruuntunut maailman korona-tilanteen vuoksi. Leirin ohjaa suomalaiset senseit.

    Dojo-cho Ueshiba Mitsuteru wakasensei as an instructor of the seminar has been cancelled due the World's Covid situation. Seminar is going to be instructed by the Finnish senseis. (end)


Association's member fee

  • 25€ year (2020)

Dojo's classes to members

  • 100€ Autumn season
  • 120€ Spring season
  • 45€ 10 x class

Dojo's classes for non-members

  • 55€ 10 x class
  • 7€ One class
  • Free visiting class

Beginners course total 90€ This is for beginners and it includes:

  • Member fee (rest of the year)
  • Training fee (3 months)
  • Under 18 years: Finland Aikikai's license with insurance (rest of the year)
  • 18 and above: Finland Aikikai's "pilot license" with insurance (3 months)

Dojo offers lower training fees for members of the association than non-members. Member Fees are collected once a year to association. Training class fees are easy to pay by using debit/credit card or MobilePay in the Dojo. Training fees include VAT 10%.

All the members who train must have the License from Finland Aikikai. License includes insurance and it's possible to have License without insurance part in case trainee already have one for Aikido from somewhere else. More information from Finland Aikikai's website (fi).


The Dojo, the workout place, is located approximately 500m from the Karjaa Train Station to the direction of Helsinki, next of the rails in an old white margarine factory.

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