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Workout Info

AUTUMN: 7.8. – 31.12.2023


6:30-7:30 Advanced


18:30-19:45 Beginnings & Basic Technique

19:45-20:15 Advanced


18:30-19:45 Beginnings & Basic Technique

19:45-20:15 Advanced



Basic Technique & Advanced

10:30-10:45 Cleaning the dojo together

BeginningsClasses literally focus on the basics of Aikido, i.e. e.g. we learn dodges, falls, body position, body control, train the body and mind in a safe atmosphere. In addition, pair technique and the basics of weapon technique are practiced. Beginnings Classes is ment for all new and recently started trainees, but is also suitable for refreshing the memory and body after a longer training break.

Basic TechniqueClasses are for practising basics by considering different levels of every trainee. From the Beginnings Classes, we slowly move on to Basic Technique Classes when abc start to become familiar. Basic Technique Classes usually consist warming up, pre-exercise, pair technique, weapon technique and recover-cooling down.

Advanced Classes trainees are practising advanced techniques. Depending of interests and needs that might be for example advanced weapon technique, counter techniques and free techniques.


ATTENTION: Joining the dojo's WhatsApp group is the best way to keep up to date with exceptions!


FEES 2023

Starter Package for new trainees €80

Package includes:
- membership fee (until the end of the year)
– training fees (3 months from the start date)
- for adults: Finland Aikikai's 'Pilot License' with insurance (3 months from the starting date but nomore than until the end of the year.)
- for juniors, under 18 years old: Finland Aikikai's Junior License and insurance (until the end of the year)

Association member fee 10€ year.

Training fee for members

  • SPRING SEASON: adults 150 € / juniors 120 €
  • AUTUMN SEASON: adults 130 € / juniors 100 €

Training fee for non-members

  • Free first time explore
  • One class 8 €
  • 10 x class 65 €

Support Membership Fees

  • YEAR: individuals 10 € / communities 100 €
  • UTTER: individuals 100 € / communities 1000 €

For trainees who start in the middle of the Spring or Autumn season, who have already practiced Aikido, and also for trainees who continue after the Starter Package, the training fee is €25 for adults and €20 for juniors per month until the end of the current season.

Fees can also be paid by ePassi application, MyEdenred mobile, SmartumPay or Eazybrake. The name of the place of use in the services is “Aikidoseura Kizunanokai ry”. Please note that sport benefits can not be used for membership fee.


All the members who train must have the License from Finland Aikikai. License includes insurance and it's possible to have License without insurance part in case trainee already have one for Aikido from somewhere else. More information from Finland Aikikai's website (fi).


Active sports cost a total of about € 360 per year for adults and € 270 for juniors. These include training fees for all club practice approximately 3-4 times a week, club membership, Finland Aikikai's license and insurance.

In addition, after the basics, it is a good idea for the trainee to acquire at least one training suit. High-quality and little-used suits can be found second-hand from 10 €. The new high-quality training suit costs about 70-100 €. It is more practical for an active and more advanced trainee to have at least two training suits and their own weapons. The club's weapons can be borrowed during the exercises if you do not have your own.


The dojo, or training place, is located in Raseborg, near the center of Karjaa, in the old school in Pumppulahti. Entrance from the glass doors on the corner of Esikunnankatu and Tragmaninkuja. Stairs to the second floor.

Visiting address: Esikunnankatu 12, 10300 Karjaa
Posting address: Postimestarinkatu 20, 10300 Karjaa